Cat Visits & Feeds

Planning a holiday or weekend away, but feel reluctant to uproot your feline friend out of their home and into a cattery?

No fret, we have the solution! At Rambles Pet Care, we offer small animal visits and feeds to ensure your pet is happy and well whilst you’re away.

How does it work?

It’s simple. You tell us your preferred timings for our visits and we will be there to keep your kitty cat (or any other stay at home pet) company with lots of fuss, play, grooming and of course feeds too. We stay a minimum of 30 minutes per visit.


So whether you’re away on a trip, or would just like to book comfort visits for your pet whilst you’re at work in the day, to combat any loneliness, Rambles Pet Care is here to help.

Get in touch to find out more. Call Jo now on 07990574493, or send us an email.

Testimonials for this Service

Katie-Louise Herring

“Great service, fantastic to have someone come to your home and feed our pets rather than send them to the cattery. Would highly recommend.”

Lisa Barrow

“Rambles always look after our two cats whilst we’re away and provide a fantastic service! Jo and the team are great – very friendly and professional and they always make sure they spend some time with the cats, playing or grooming, before feeding them. On occasions, when asked, they’ve been more than happy provide a house-sitting service and have stayed over for a few nights with the cats. Would definitely recommend them.”